Alexander James Guitars are quality handcrafted instruments made to showcase the exquisite natural properties of exotic hardwood. Each guitar is custom fit to the needs of the customer.

All guitars are available as right-handed or left-handed.

  • Set neck, bolt on
  • Exotic & domestic woods
  • Solid body
  • Chambered
  • Semi-hollowbody
  • Hollowbody
  • Curved sides, straight sides
  • Heel or heel-less design


We offer many different options for hardware. Some include:

  • Nickel, Chrome, Black, Gold - colour
  • Tune-o-matic, wraparound, tremolo, Bigsby / roller, etc. - bridges
  • Locking, non-locking, normal strap buttons
  • Wood pickup mounting rings (made from any species of wood)


We offer many different options for electronics. Some include:

  • Single coil, P90, Mini-Humbucker, Humbucker - pickups
  • Passive, active, Piezo
  • Single coil switch, Phase, kill switch, 3 position toggle, blend pot pickup selector, etc.
  • Various pickup combinations


We offer completely custom built instruments to the matching specification of the customer. This list includes but is not limited to:

  • Customer specified body shape
  • Neck shape
  • Scale length
  • Headstock tuner orientation
  • Complete custom electronics
  • Fret type
  • Hardware
  • Body contours
  • Wood species
  • Colour (dyes)

If you can dream it, we can build it.


Model starting prices

  • Ursa guitar$3200
  • Ethos guitar$3200
  • Dios guitar$3200
  • Nira guitar$3500
  • Bass$3500
  • Hollowbody guitars$4000
  • Tube amplifier$2000

These prices are just a starting point for your reference. For a more accurate quote, please contact us with your custom guitars full specs.


As of January 2017, the build time for a standard guitar is generally 4-6 months. To start, a down payment of 40% of the final cost is required. The remaining 60% (plus shipping) is due after completion or can be paid in installments. Local pickup is also acceptable.

Flexible payment plan options are available.

We accept Certified Cheques, Cash, Credit Cards, or Paypal

If you are interested, go to the contact page and get in touch with us.


Where can I try an Alexander James Guitar?

You can come try out an available instrument at our shop. Please contact us for an appointment. You can also try our intruments at the Twelth Fret intrument shop in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Is it possible to tour your workshop?

Yes, please use the contact page of the website to make an appointment.

Do you make left-handed models?

Of course we do - at no extra charge.

Is a piezo option avalible? Which one do you use?

Yes there is. This is available upon request. We use the Graphtech Piezo system.

What nut do you equip the guitars with?

We use the Graphtech brand nuts. (multiple options available)

Do you offer custom inlays?

Yes we do. Wood, shell, etc.

What finish do you use?

We use a proprietary oil finish. This helps enhance the beautiful natural look of the wood. It is also easy and affordable to repair and maintain.

Why do you use Exotic woods?

Maple, Mahogany and rosewood are only one of many tonal palettes available. Exotic woods each have their own tonal character. Many different figures and colours are also available. This helps make your instrument truely unique.

I see you have guitar models. Do you build completely custom guitars at all?

We offer these guitar models so that a customer may get a better idea of what they want, but we will build your dream custom guitar.

Do you offer fanned frets? 7 or 8 string guitars? Fretless guitars?

Yes. Any one of those options are available.

Are your guitars hand made?

Yes. We also utilize the most modern machinary. This enables us to offer an unparalleled level of accuracy.

How can I get a quote for my dream guitar?

Use the contact page, tell us all about your guitar, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you offer intrument repair?

Yes. We repair intruments all the time. Please contact us if you need any repairs done.